Foam Glass Insulation in Poland

isoGlass - Foam Glass in Poland

Conceptus company, located in Warsaw City area, is an experienced developer of plate foundation with foam glass gravel insulation.

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Foam glass is an expanded glass of hermetically sealed pores, made for insulation

Foam glass is a lightweight, expanded glass of hermetically sealed pores, made form recycled glass. It is perfectly suitable for thermal insulation: it is waterproof (no diffusion takes place) so it’s very efficient against soil humidity. Since it contains no organic components, it is invulnerable for mould and insects.

Conceptus-Budownictwo sp. z o.o. established partnerships with producers of high-quality foam glass material and cooperates only with qualified subcontractors. Thanks to the best standards and cost-efficient development, we are proud to execute a number of base plate foundations that meet all criteria for passive buildings of any kind.

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